Introducing, #OneSmallClip

Earlier this month, I was lucky enough to attend the ADE Academy 2017, in London, UK. It was certainly interesting to be in attendance as an Alumni, rather than part of the new class.

During the Academy, we were introduced to this years’ ADE Project: collaborate in groups of like minded individuals to create shareable content using the new Clips app. One team of ADE’s took this challenge on to form One Small Clip. The idea is simple: create a short video using Clips, to demonstrate how technology can be used to tweak an area of classroom practice.

Who are One Small Clip?
One Small Clip started at the ADE Academy in London and is an extension of a previous project from 2016, One Small Tweak. Since then, it has grown and is now made up of a group of ADE’s from around the world. Check out the video below to meet the One Small Clip team:

One Small Clips
Here are just some examples of the clips that have been created by One Small Clip so far:

Classroom: Set up a class

Camera: Editing photos

Coding: Swift light show

Clips: Using live title in another language

Stop Motion: Digital story telling

You can find all One Small Clips on our YouTube channel.

Keeping up to date with One Small Clip
The One Small Clip team are posting content all of the time, so be sure you subscribe to our YouTube channel and follow us on Twitter so that you don’t miss out!


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