#ADEChat: Approaches to develop the skills of teachers (21st Mar. 2017)

ADEChat2 Graphic.jpg

Earlier this week, I co-hosted #ADEChat (EMEIA) on Twitter alongside ADE, Bronwyn Desjardins (@BronwynWrites). The chat focused on exploring the approaches used to develop the skills of teachers in the effective use of mobile technology.

What is #ADEChat?

#ADEChat is a chat hosted by Apple Distinguised Educators on Twitter. It is a forum for sharing ideas as a community about innovating education through the use of Apple technology. #ADEChat returned in February 2016, bringing the chat to all three regions this year. The chats take place on Tuesdays at three different times:

– Asia-Pacific – SIN 5pm/TKY 6pm/SYD 8pm/AKL 11pm

– EMEIA – 8pm GMT

– Americas – 6PST/9EST


  1. How are teachers supported and encouraged to develop the way they use  technology at your school?

  2. Which approaches to developing teachers skills, which you have seen/used, are most successful?

  3. What barriers have you faced when trying to lead change and develop the skills of others?

  4. How can the Apple Teacher programme be used to help develop the skills of teachers at your school?

  5. How can students be used to help support the development of teachers skills in using technology?

You can catch up on the whole chat via Storify here.


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