#AppShareLive (Ep. 3) with @ICTEvangelist

Ca9p4gcWEAINPLK.jpg-largeEarlier this morning, I participated in #AppShareLive, hosted by Mark Anderson (@ICTEvangelist). #AppShareLive is a series of live events, streamed through Google Hangouts where educators share their successes in using iPad apps within their classrooms.

My chosen app was the fantastic StickAround. It’s an amazing app for creating interactive puzzles for students. This academic year, I’ve been developing a range of iTunes U courses and I’ve been using StickAround to create puzzles which can be embeded within these courses. What I really like about this app is it’s simplicity: creating a puzzle from scratch is a breeze and there are also a range of templates to help get you started. In addition, students find the apps intuitive interface easy to use which means teachers don’t have to spend an age explaining how to use the app. Finally, any puzzles created are easily shareable via email, Dropbox and more.

Mark Anderson (@ICTEvangelist) – Host and demonstrating Replay
Jon Neale (@JNealeUK) – apps for use in PE
Joe Dale (@joedale) – demonstrating Ferrite Lite
Claire Jones (@Claire_N_Jones) – demonstrating PicsArt Studio
Aysha Haq (@a_haq) – demonstrating Swivl

If you missed the live broadcast of the event, you can watch it here:

You can also view catch up on preview episodes of #AppShareLive on Mark’s YouTube channel.

Check out my blog post “Apps in Action: Creating Educational Puzzles with Stick Around” for more information about how I have been using StickAround.

Check out the website of StickAround designer, Tony Vincent, for a range of helpful tutorials and support articles.

mzl.rchwyblbStick Around by Tony Vincent & Explain Everything by Explain Everything sp. z o.o. is available for £2.99 on the App Store.


*all prices and links correct at the time of publication and are subject to change


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