#ADE2015: My One Best Thing: Bringing Learning Environments to Life

After returning from the Apple Distinguished Educator Institute 2015 earlier this summer, I have been working on my chosen project: a One Best Thing. I opted to further develop something I’ve blogged about previously, using augmented reality to enhance the learning environments. In particular, I wanted to focus on using student creations to add a new dimension to classroom displays by making them functional and relevant.

About the One Best Thing collection
One Best Thing is a collection of books created by Apple Distinguished Educators (ADEs) that demonstrate the use of Apple technologies to transform teaching ​and learning. Each One Best Thing book shares a unit, a lesson, or a best practice and is designed to help another educator implement a successful practice. It’s a professional learning idea championed by an educator—in word and action—that others can look to for ideas and tips on how to replicate.

You can access a copy of my iBook by following the link below:

mzl.cyfzvwwuOne Best Thing: Bringing Learning Environments to Life by James Gibbons is available for free on the iBooks Store.

You can view the whole One Best Thing collection here.


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