#BettChat: Let’s Talk Training!

Yesterday (30th June 2015), I had the privilege of hosting #BettChat on Twitter for @Bett_show. My chosen topic was EdTech training and CPD. The aim was to establish the type(s) of training/CPD teachers have engaged with, which of these they feel most successful and how schools plan EdTech training: do they offer go for the one size fits all approach or do they tailor it to the needs and demands of their staff. Next, as an advocate for Digital Leaders in schools, I wanted to gauge the views of teachers on making use of pupils to train staff and also the impact events like Bett have on teacher CPD/training.

My main findings from the chat were:

– Teachers are taking charge: TeechMeets and social media seemed popular and appear to be a great resource for teachers seeking their own training, whilst some are also developing and delivering their own training sessions.

– Training is being tailored to the needs of staff: Surveying staff to identify their needs and offering developmental opportunities based on this was one of the great ideas that came from the chat. Other initiatives included tech focused “Learning Walks” to identify how technology was being used on a day to day basis in lessons. Furthermore, informal conversations between staff were also identified as beneficial.

– Give students a chance to shine: Being an advocate for Digital Leaders, it was great to see other teachers offering students a chance to lead training sessions for staff and parents. One participant even commented that “The best tech event we ever had at my school was run by students.The teachers were there to facilitate only”. However, this still doesn’t appear to be universally accepted with one participant stating that some members of staff may be resistant to this.

– Events like Bett provide excellent networking opportunities: Educators seem to get a lot out of attending events. It was suggested that they allow teachers to meet experts within a field, peers through associated TeachMeets and provides tonnes of new ideas.

You can catch up on the whole chat via Storify here.


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