App News: Introducing Think Kit for Paper by FiftyThree

Quite often, when I speak to people about using iPad in education, there is one comment which comes up frequently. You’ve probably heard it, or perhaps even said it yourself: “technology is great, but at the end of the day, students still have to write answers when they sit exams” (or words to that effect). I don’t advocate the use of iPad as a replacement for writing or exercise books. Instead, it should be seen as another tool which helps improve learning. However, one of my favourite apps, Paper by FiftyThree, brings that natural handwriting and hand drawing experience to iPad. I previously blogged about the superb news that the tools in Paper being available for free for everyone and now, with the introduction of Think Kit, things are about to get even better!

What is Think Kit?
Think Kit is a set new tools developed by FiftyThree to facilitate planning and demonstrating with the aid of technology:

What’s new?
There are 3 new tools which make up Think Kit which aim to make creating charts, diagrams, mind maps, flow diagrams, Venn diagrams, graphs and more, quicker and easier (find out more here). These tools allow you to sketch perfect shapes and connections, meaning anyone can create high quality presentations.

The three new tools that make up Think Kit are:

– Diagram: The Diagram tool lets you draw objects, straight lines, connectors, and arrowheads. It automatically detects the objects you wish to draw and corrects them in real time.

– Cut: Allows you to rearrange or move shapes and text on the page. You can either manually select areas which you would like to move, or use Smart Cut to select individual shapes without the need to switch tools.

– Fill: Fill shapes with colour automatically, or draw new shapes with the colour fills already applied.

In addition, Paper now offers more export options, meaning anything you create can easily be exported and shared via a range of iPad apps.

Paper by FiftyThree is already an amazing app and I think the new tools featured in Think Kit will widen its appeal further, especially within education. I’m still not suggesting that this replaces handwriting and drawing, however it is a great way compliment to this and makes creating and sharing beautiful content, a breeze!

Think Kit is now available for free. Existing users of Paper by FiftyThree will already have access as an automatic update whilst new users will be able to use it as soon as they download the app for the first time.

IMG_0822Paper by FiftyThree by FiftyThree, Inc. is available for free on the App Store.

*all prices and links correct at the time of publication and are subject to change


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