Apps in Action: Using Book Creator to Create and Collaborate

Book Creator is a fantastic tool that does exactly what it says: it lets users create books. The interface is simple and intuitive and that’s what makes it so great for the classroom. It also won the Best Educational App at the BETT Awards 2015!


Creating Content
Book Creator is firstly a fantastic app to enable learners to create their own content. It can handle almost every type of media including photos, videos, audio and text.


Furthermore, the user is able to include hyperlinks which can either point to websites or to pages within a book. I’ve encouraged learners to use this feature to create an index or table of contents, a glossary of keywords or to link to previous learning where appropriate.

Probably my favourite feature in Book Creator is the ability to combine books:


Before continuing, it’s worth noting that this particular feature cannot be used in the free version of Book Creator as it only allows you to manage one book at a time. Once you have created multiple books, you can combine them all into one. This is a great as it allows learners to work collaboratively. I’ve used this to get students to work in groups with each individual working on a certain topic before bringing it all together within the group as one book. Although as mentioned already, this requires the paid version of Book Creator, in a situation like this, as long as one member of the group has the paid version this task can be completed.

Sharing content in Book Creator is incredibly easy, meaning anything created by learners is not confined just to their iPad. You can export books as ePub (for reading in iBooks and editing), PDF (for printing and sharing) or as a Video (for posting on the web). Once you have chosen the file type, you can Open in Another App which supports a number of common iPad apps including iCloud Drive, iBooks, iTunes U, Dropbox and many others. In a recent update, sharing books from Book Creator to Showbie has been vastly improved. Alternatively, you can also share files with other iPads nearby using AirDrop:


Creating books can have many advantages. By integration creation with writing strategies like GAPLIST (Genre, Audience, Purpose, Language, Information, Style and Tone), it can be a great platform for developing students literacy skills. Furthermore, since learners can publish their content, it opens up the possibility of engaging with a global audience. Admittedly, Book Creator isn’t going to enable you to create books with the same features as iBooks Author due to the absence of templates and widgets (although this could change in future perhaps). However it’s simplicity means it’s easy for anyone to pick up and get to grips with. The fact it is available on the iPad also makes it far more accessible than iBook Author, making it the perfect tool for the classroom


5f665176657959995e538e62dff7b839Book Creator Free by Red Jumper Limited is available for free from the App Store/Book Creator for iPad by Red Jumper Limited is available for £3.99 from the App Store.

*all prices and links correct at the time of publication and are subject to change


3 thoughts on “Apps in Action: Using Book Creator to Create and Collaborate

  1. Great stuff., .. I think collaborating for app design is a great idea. Cross platform solutions can always help us get a headstart with the EMM API fluidity, a good WYSIWYM canvas to prototype the app design and test it out against the different platform (even native) quirks, resolution and processor speeds. Kony visualizer, with Koni Flex Dynamic layout option, is a solid resource ( bit. ly/ 1zOxa3C)


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