App News: Evernote Scannable now available

Earlier this week, Evernote released a new app, Scannable.

Scannable uses the camera on your iOS device to turn it into a mobile scanner, great for when you need a high quality scan and you’re not near a conventional scanner. The time it takes to recognise documents is lightning fast and it automatically crops and enhances the image, ensuring fantastic clarity. It even lets you scan multiple pages of a document and automatically collates them into a single PDF! I often use app this when scanning pieces of pupils work to display on the projector via AirPlay, since the results are far clearer.

Once you have used the app to scan your document, it provides a range of options for what it can do next:IMG_0825
Most of these choices are self explanatory, however two which are not so clear are Export and More. The Export function enables you to save scans to iCloud Drive (if enabled), whilst the More function allows you to open the scan in another app. Both very useful features to include.

There are many other apps available on the AppStore which serve the same purpose, however they often come at a cost whereas Scannable is free, making it perfect, especially for learners! Despite only adding in the AppStore very recently, it is already considered an Editors’ Choice app. However, at the moment Scannable is still in its infancy (v1.0.1) and is by no means perfect yet. Firstly, to ensure it works most effectively it is vital to place any documents on a background that contrasts with the page. Secondly, on occasions it does cut off bits of the document being scanned. I have found that this tends to occur where the contrast between the document and background isn’t great, so please make sure of that before scanning. Before using Evernote Scannable, my scanner app of choice was Scanner Pro by Readdle (£2.29) and one of the features I found really useful with that was that it gave the user the ability to go back and manually adjust the borders to try and improve it the quality of the scan, when you were not satisfied with the initial result. I hope that Evernote consider implementing something similar in future versions as it would overcome both of the niggling faults mentioned previously.

To find out more, please visit:

IMG_0804Evernote Scannable by Evernote is available for free on the App Store.

*all prices and links correct at the time of publication and are subject to change


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